The Standard Simulator

This simulator was designed as a complete system that includes: analysis tools, training and game improvement tips.

Golf Simulators
  • The standard simulator provides users with the highest quality motion capture technology that enables a comprehensive analysis of your game.
  • The feedback you get after every swing will help you improve your technique before you move on to another shot.
  • Our diagnostic tools will help you study every detail of your game so you can better identify and fix your flaws.

Amazingly realistic graphics designed to offer the next best thing to the real experience.

  • Offers you the opportunity to practice on a large number of the finest golf courses in the world.
  • Allows you to get better and better by practicing every day and outsmart your competition.
  • Monitor your improvement by keeping track of all your stats and reports for later review.
  • Sharing your golf shots with the world is now possible with the standard simulator's integrated Internet technology.
  • The standard simulator fully eliminates factors such as wind variables, weather conditions and time. You can practice your swing whenever you want.
  • The standard simulator provides simplified, easily customizable features.
  • An easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution for all your golfing needs.
Golf Simulators

Highly advanced motion tracking capabilities

The Standard Simulator brings you the ultimate technology to track the club and ball's movement in real time. This is an excellent addition to the realism of the game that will definitely result in game improvement.

Shot analysis

Keep track of the main club and ball parameters and up your game.

  • Spin axis
  • Distance
  • Ball spin
  • Ball speed
  • Ball position
  • Club-head speed
  • Club head angle at impact
  • Efficiency
  • Swing-path
  • Launch angle
Golf Simulators

Advanced analysis & diagnostic, integrated training tools in one system

Feel free to turn your Standard Simulator into the highest quality home theater for movies and sporting events. Entertainment at home for the entire family.

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