Golf Simulators

Whether you are a professional golf player or just a beginner, we invite you to take a look at our golf simulator products. Our indoor golf simulators provide a fun and convenient way for golf enthusiasts to practice, play golf and improve their swings.

The HD GolfTM Video Swing Analysis module provides users with comprehensive swing statistics, accurate club and ball measurements (ball spin, ball speed, club face angle at contact, swing path and launch angle) and crystal clear video playback that will help them better their golf skills and track improvements on-screen. Our golf simulators are the only golf simulating systems to feature the Perfect Swing, a composite swing model that includes the swings of Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan and Ernie Els. The editing tools incorporated in our system include side by side comparison, the ability to save swings, slow motion playback and freeze frame.

The Weight transfer Analysis module provides a series of comprehensive balance measurements including: tempo, balance, center of gravity and weight transfer. Instructors will be able to access all information on the big screen and touch screen.

The Swing Dynamics module was designed to make an extremely precise series of shaft measurements and swing dynamics in real time. This innovative module will measure club head acceleration, angle of attack, shaft flex profile, overall shaft flex, load factor, wrist cock, and club head speed at impact, among others. All club parameters will be measured with the highest accuracy, making our simulators the systems of choice for beginners as well as PGA professionals.

Using the Simulator based Club fitting System introduced by High Definition Golf, club fitters can now determine which clubs are most suitable for their customers. Angle of attack, ball speed, swing tempo, distance, swing acceleration, club-head speed, load factor, efficiency, deflection, swing-path, trajectory and ball spin are only some of the measurements provided by this module.

Live Internet Play is a highly advanced technology that enables golfers in different simulators and different locations to communicate through lapel microphones and picture technology. All you need to do is join our online community.

The Tournament Play is an easy-to-use tool created by Interactive Sports Technologies to allow players to compete from their High Definition GolfTM simulating systems. Golfers have the power to control all aspects of the tournament.

The Golf Center Management Software can be used to manage leagues, book tee times, track scores or generate revenue through advertising.

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