Golf Simulators

Our amazingly realistic golf simulating systems offer an exquisite golf experience on some of the world's most famous golf courses. High Definition GolfTM simulators feature unprecedented reliability to capture every aspect of some of the most recognizable golf courses in the world including: Banff Springs®, Bethpage Black®, Troon North®, Harbourtown®, Doral®, Spyglass®, Kiawah Island®, Pinehurst® and Pebble Beach® among many others. These simulators provide users with comprehensive measurements such as spin axis, club speed, ball spin, club face angle, and launch angle at amazing accuracy.

We offer three simulator models so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our models include:

  • The Executive Simulator H 9' x W 12' x L 20'
  • The Standard Simulator H 10' x W 14' x L 20'
  • The Championship Simulator H 11' x W 15' x L 20'
Golf Simulators

None of the above require any complicated set-up and each of them can be purchased as a complete system package. The main simulator components included in the package are a 19" touch-screen console, HDTV compatible high brightness projector, highly advanced desktop workstation, HD GolfTM precision ball tracking system, a 250W stereo sound system, pro-grade nylon golf turf and tee mats. The software includes competitive events and games, club fitting, world's most famous championship golf courses, trajectory analysis, chipping and putting greens, swing path and club face analysis tools.

Golf Simulators

Feel free to check the technical specifications below:

Simulator screen assembly/frame:

  • Executive model - Multi layer screen/Steel frame 12'x9' w
  • Standard model - Multi layer screen/Steel frame 13.5'x10' w
  • Championship Model - Multi layer screen/ Steel frame 15'x11' w


  • Resistive Touch Screen, 19" LCD


  • Dual Core processors, Dell Precision T3500 workstation, 500GB HD, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9500 Dual DVI


  • 3LCD 5000 lumen digital projector
  • 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens

High Definition Golf Software Package:

  • Tournament play system
  • Clubfitting software
  • Player statistics
  • Advanced ball tracking and trajectory analysis
  • Multi-language: Japanese, German, French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean
  • Club comparison software
  • Games
  • Complete practice facility
  • 15 championship golf courses

Swing Dynamics Module (Optional):

  • 2 White LED panels, 1 High Speed USB Camera

Ball Tracking system:

  • Spin Module - IR illuminator, 1 Hi-speed, "smart" camera
  • Club Data Module - 2 halogen bulbs, 1 High Speed, "smart" camera
  • Ball Tracking system - IR illuminators, 2 High Speed, "smart" cameras

Video Swing Analysis System:

  • Lighting system/ Fire Wire male 6 pin to 6 pin connector -30"/ Zoom Lens / 2 High speed cameras

Live Internet Play with realtime video and audio:

  • lapelle microphones, USB web Camera, audio amplifier

Golf Center Management System:

  • Golf Center Management software, 19" LCD monitor, Dell Precision T3500

Drapery Package:

  • 1 Baffle, 2 Drapes

Stance Mat:

  • 2 Stance Mats 46 1/2" x 46 1/2"

Hitting Mat: Sand sand and rough panels

  • Hitting Mat 24" x 46 1/2"

Golf Turf: Custom ordered Spring-set nylon

  • Championship Model Golf Turf with 15 x 18, Spring-set nylon
  • Standard Model Golf Turf with 15 x 16, Spring-set nylon
  • Executive Model Golf Turf with 15 x 16, Spring-set nylon

Our golf simulating technology is ideal for luxury homes, luxury hotels, indoor golf centers, recreation centers and golf course clubhouses. We will be happy to assist you in any way to build up the best simulator setups available.

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