The Championship Simulator

The Championship Simulator makes is easy to play golf inside the comfort of your house without having to worry about the weather or the distance to the golf course. You can also put it to good use and organize golf lessons or create tournaments with your friends.

Golf Simulators

Advanced computer vision ball & club tracking

  • The Championship Simulator is offering the ultimate level of realism you can get at the moment from a golf simulator.
  • Take advantage from the most precise and realist measurements provided by some of the most advanced sensors and cameras out there.
  • The complete suite of integrated tools provided by The Championship Simulator is extremely useful for analyzing even the smallest aspect of your game and improving it in order to become a better golf player.
  • The Championship Simulator can be used for the entertainment of your whole family by transforming it in to a state of the art home theatre.

The highest level of realism

  • By perfectly combining the software package with the hardware The Championship Simulator is capable of offering the most realist golf simulation.
  • Experience the most thrilling visual experience and feel like you are on a real professional tour golf course.
Golf Simulators

Ease of use

You don't need to be a hardware expert in order to customize and setup The Championship Simulator. Everything can be done easily by following a couple of installation steps and you will be able to take advantage of the endless fun it can provide in no time.

Extra reliability

Because The Championship Simulator only incorporates the highest quality components on the market, the overall level of reliability cannot be surpassed by any other golf simulator on the market. And who does not appreciate the best durability and reliability?

Golf Simulators

The professional team that builds the simulator guarantees for its reliability even under stress conditions.

Integrated software & accessories

The Championship Simulator is providing a full set of integrated software and accessories that will offer everything you ever wanted from a golf simulator, starting with club fitting and finishing with complete reports of your game.

The touch screen interface makes it all extremely easy to use and because all the components are "plug and play" you will have absolutely no problem in setting up an configuring the simulator.

Golf center management software

The complete suite of software offers you the chance to:

  • Contact and interact with other online golf players from all over the world.
  • Track your progress and see where your games has improved since you started using the simulator and what you can do in order to get even better.
  • Reduce costs because you won't need to buy any other application.
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